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    Following the work already done through the Grain Storage Extension Project, the GRDC have funded another three years allowing grain storage extension to continue through to 2018.

    The project aims to provide a stored grain information hub and equip growers with the skills and knowledge to enable best management practices of on-farm grain storage. Some exciting new resources to keep an eye out for under the new project will be an eLearning Manual, a smart phone App and an extension community of practice.

    Phillip-BurrillPhilip Burrill

    Development Agronomist Philip Burrill continues as the key contact for the northern region.
    Philip will be conducting workshops and acting as a conduit to ensure research outcomes are passed from the testing laboratories to the growers in the field.



    Peter Botta

    Based in the south, private consultant Peter Botta travels the region conducting practical, on-farm workshops and seminars to growers and advisors.
    Peter brings a wealth of experience to the team and has a passion for developing knowledge and understanding to enable practice change.


    Ben-WhiteBen White

    Ben White partners with the Grains Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) to deliver on-farm workshops and information sessions in the western region. Drawing on over 12 years’ experience working for the Kondinin Group, Ben will be a familiar face to many growers in the west and bring a fresh approach to best practices in on farm storage.


    Chris-WarrickChris Warrick

    As well as coordinating the team, consultant Chris Warrick is adding an economics component to a select number of grain storage workshops held around the country. Chris also equips growers with the tools to make informed and strategic business decisions around on-farm grain storage.


    For more information on the grain storage extension project or to arrange a workshop in your area contact a member of the team.

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