K-Obiol is a synergised grain protectant for use on cereal grains, malting barley and sorghum. It can be used in any type of storage, sealed or unsealed. It is suitable for use by grain growers and grain accumulators. Like all protectants it is a liquid and must be evenly applied as a dilution to the grain as it is fed into the storage. It is not suitable for oil seeds or pulses. It is for use on un-infested grain and is not recommended for eradicating insect pests when they have infested grain.

The active constituent is deltamethrin. Piperonyl butoxide is added as a synergist; meaning it increases the effectiveness of the deltamethrin. As K-Obiol is based on deltamethrin there are none of the insect resistance problems being experienced with other protectants.

Because protectants are residual there can be concern by grain users that the grain does not contain excessive levels. This may come about from incorrect treatment or double treatment as the grain moves along the supply chain. To protect the end user of the grain, and ultimately the Australian grain growers, a Product Stewardship program has been developed to ensure correct use of the product. The Program will also ensure the product is used in the way that minimises the development of insect resistance and increase it usable life.

For more information visit www.k-obiol.com.au