Australia’s reputation as a supplier of high quality, clean grain can quickly be destroyed if unregistered or off label chemicals are used in grain or grain storages.

Products used for structural treatments must be registered for that purpose and accepted by the intended grain buyer.

Do not use any product on grain or grain storage which is not registered for that purpose and always follow label directions and rates.

The risk is greater than having a load of grain rejected, chemical misuse could lead to the demise of Australia’s reputation causing key buyers to stop importing grain from Australia.

Grain hygiene and structural treatments are the first line of defence against insect pests but product choice is critical.

Diatamaceous earth (DE) products such as Dryacide® are a non-chemical option which control all common grain storage insect pests.

Because DE products have a physical effect on the insects rather than a chemical effect there is no known resistance issues.

Caution should still be taken before using any treatment on grain or grain storage’s to ensure they are registered for that purpose and accepted by the market or grain buyer.