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The GRDC storedgrain app is now available from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Download now from the Apple App Store or Google Play or access your grain storage records on the web portal synchronized to your app A key feature is the ability to record grain Storage Details and Monitoring Records at the storage site regardless of mobile reception or data speed. Simply enter the records you wish to keep and next time you’re back in mobile reception range, records can be synchronised between multiple mobile devices and/or exported to excel. Record storage details such as grain type, variety, grade, quantity, paddock/source, date filled, date emptied and who it was sold to for your own records and quality assurance tracking. Each time a storage is monitored the app allows you to record the date, temperature, moisture content, pests identified, treatment details and any other notes. How to guides and videos on pest identification, silo buying, fumigation, hygiene and structural treatments, aeration cooling and aeration drying are all included in the app. If you still need more information, use the direct links to Ask an expert and have your grain storage questions answered. Click here for help with the storedgrain app

The GRDC have made the strategic decision to close the storedgrain mobile app permanently.

With limited uptake and use of the storedgrain app, it’s not economical for the GRDC to continue investing in its maintenance and development. Production and supply chain traceability has also been identified as a limitation of a standalone grain storage app.

The GRDC’s Grain Storage Extension Team will encourage and support the commercial, crop production software providers to develop grain storage capability into their platforms, so grain in storage can be traced back to the paddock and treatments applied during production.

We trust you support the strategy driving this decision and together we look forward to the opportunities it will provide to streamline and simplify production and storage recording.

Maintaining a record of agrochemical usage, Managing on farm grain storage, CD

Maintaining a record of agrochemical usage, Managing on farm grain storage, CD

Managing on-farm grain storage – effective practices for the delivery of quality assured products, ISBN 1 86487 035 4

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