Grain Silos – Sealing the deal for quality (Kondinin Group Research Report 2018)

Grain Storage Kondinin Group Research Report 2018

An extensive report evaluating each silo brands features and ability to meet the Australian Standard 2628 for gas-tight sealing required for successful fumigation.

Kondinin Group engineer and GRDC grain storage expert, Ben White, traveled the country, driving 9000km through every mainland state to visit silo installations on farm from 24 brands.

Grain Silos Tested, Research Report by Kondinin Group Farming Ahead 2015

Stored Grain grain research report

Since deregulation, there has been a growing trend to store an increasing amount of grain on farm. But maintaining the quality of grain in storage requires planning, knowledge and the right gear, none more important than the silo itself. Kondinin Group engineer, Ben White, travelled 8,000km across every mainland state to inspect nearly 60 silos on-farm from different manufacturers, taking photographs and undertaking a pressure test according to Australian Standards where applicable.