Conserve Plus

Conserve Plus is the latest addition to the Conserve family. Its formulation combines Spinosad and S-methoprene at 100 gm ai per L. Conserve Plus will be able to be used on all cereal grains, including malt barley. The first release will be the in a 500ml bottle that will treat 50 T grain. Conserve Plus will require a mixing partner to control rice weevil, and as such, Dow AgroSciences  released a 1L Reldan Grain Protector in Sept 2016 to partner Conserve Plus. When used on maize, the OP mixing partner is replaced with Fenitrothion 1000.

Conserve On-Farm

Conserve On-Farm is a grain protectant from DOW that has three active ingredients to control most major insect pests of stored grain, including the resistant lesser grain borer (LGB).
Conserve On-Farm provides six to nine months of control and has a nil withholding period (WHP). Maximum residue limits (MRLs) have been established with key trading partners and there are no meat residue bioaccumulation issues. Conserve On-Farm is a combination of two parts that are applied together. Using Part A and Part B together is very important to get control of the complete spectrum of insects.

Part A: 1 x 5 L of chlorpyrifos-methyl and S-methoprene – controls all stored grain insect pests other than the resistant lesser grain borer (Rhyzopertha dominica)

Part B: 2 x 1 L of spinosad – is very effective on the lesser grain borer, including resistant strains, but has little to no activity on other key species.

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