The GRDC invests in the Grain Storage Extension Project to provide information and training for growers to use best practice for on-farm grain storage.

The project provides a stored grain information hub and equips growers with the skills and knowledge to enable best management practices of on-farm grain storage. Some exciting new resources developed under the current project are the StoredGrain App for smart phones, the development of a Grain Storage GrowNote
Stored Grain Philip Burrill

Philip Burrill

QLD and northern NSW

Development Agronomist Philip Burrill continues as the key contact for the northern region of Australia. Philip draws on many years experience to conduct workshops and on-farm training sessions. Having strong links with the DAF QLD post harvest research team Philip also act as a conduit to ensure research outcomes are passed from the testing laboratories to the growers and information gaps are included in research projects.
Stored Grain Ben White

Ben White

WA, SA and NT

Ben White delivers on-farm workshops and training sessions in the western region. As an agricultural engineer Ben draws on his extensive industry experience as a researcher and editor of the Kondinin Group’s Farming Ahead magazine to complement his knowledge and experience in grain storage. Ben is a familiar face to many growers in the west and brings a fresh approach to best practices in on farm storage.

Stored Grain Chris Warrick

Chris Warrick

Vic, TAS, SA and southern NSW

Private consultant Chris Warrick coordinates the national extension team and equips growers with the knowledge and tools to make informed, strategic decisions around on-farm grain storage. Working in the southern region of Australia, Chris draws on his years of experience working with the national extension team to present grain storage workshops on best management practices and the economics of expanding on-farm storage.

Stored Grain Peter Botta

Peter Botta

Sadly, our good friend and colleague Peter Botta passed away in 2018. He is dearly missed not only by his family and friends but by everyone he worked with and the broader, Australian grains industry. Peter’s work and legacy will live on.