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    Diagnosing pest using digital microscopes

    Its not always easy to tell the difference between types of damaging stored grain pests. Mark Stanaway from the Queensland University of Technology can show you how using cheap digital microscopes in these two videos – on Cryptolestes (grain beetles) and Sitophilus (grain weevils) For assistance identifying storage pests, or confirmation of an identification contact […]

    Identification of the flat grain beetles (Cryptolestes spp.) of Australia – DAF

    Three species of flat grain beetles (Cryptolestes spp.) occur in stored grain in Australia. Adults are fast moving, small (2mm), flat, with longer antennae than most stored grain pests. Cryptolestes species occur in all grain growing regions of Australia. One species, the rusty grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus, has developed a strong resistance to phosphine at […]

    Safe Storage of Sunflower Seed – Aeration Drying and Cooling

    Grain Storage Fact Sheet February 2015 Results of aeration trials supported by the Australian Oilseed Federation Oilseed Development Fund and the Australian Sunflower Association as part of the Broadleaf Cropping Alliance, a Grains Research and Development Corporation funded initiative. Sunflower growers can use aeration drying and cooling to successfully manage a range of seed moisture […]

    Grain Protectants Prevent Pests

    Grain protectants prevent pests Grain protectants are one of many management tools for preventing pests in stored grain and have a particular role in unsealed storage and seed storage. Key Points: Consider using grain protectants when gas-tight sealable storage is not available and to ensure security of planting seed. Grain protectants work best when combined […]